Dive Head-First
into Results.

Leverage our 20+ years of experience in business and product formulating, manufacturing, and marketing to kickstart your business idea fast. While we handle the product design, manufacturing, and order fulfillment, you’re free to focus on what matters most: marketing and selling your product.

Leverage Our Team and Resources

You leverage the time, energy, and resources of a team of leading scientists and experts in your industry to do it for you.

This leaves you free to focus on getting results — not the process.

At K&B Labs, we offer 40+ private and white label formulas in leading industries like health and wellness, beauty and personal care, and pet health. All of which can be custom formulated to align with your brand’s vision and goals.


Streamlined Process

We know how important it is to launch your product fast, so you can begin bringing in revenue.

Low Start-Up Investment

We believe a product launch shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why the minimum order quantity is as low as 100 units.

Focus On Getting Results

Let us handle the hit + grit of product development, so you can focus on the needle movers of your business like marketing and selling your merchandise online.

Customize your own formula from scratch or Choose from over 40+ pre-formulated tried & true products.

What we make

Private/White-Label Products

Health and Wellness

We create proven and effective supplements and herbal infusions with quality ingredients your customers will trust and love.

Beauty and Personal Care

We specialize in creating a wide range of skincare products that smell and feel amazing, all while nourishing and cleansing your skin. Plus, you can ask to include our patented nanoparticles derived from sugar in your formulation. This is cutting-edge technology that’s proven to be safe and effective.

Pet Health

We offer premium-quality products for dogs, cats, and other animals from pet shampoos to pet treats.

Custom Formulization

When you have a product idea, we can customize it to fit your brand’s vision and goals with our custom formulation service.

Hear it for Yourself!

“I have been enjoying the products personally lately and I appreciate what they do for me. I am excited to bring this product in a simple and approachable way in my gift basket presentations and how my store will look once I am done with the setup. “

How We Help

We streamline your product launch from start to finish.




Brand Design





Scientists and herbal professionals are on standby ready to custom formulate a product to your specifications or reverse engineer your favorite product to uncover its formula for your brand’s use.



We create and test your products inside our environment-controlled laboratory and product-creation facility in a two-week time frame, ensuring your goods are premium quality your customers will trust.



Limitless container options with different shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from and custom labels provided, ready for your logo and branding to be printed on. As a bonus, we take care of packaging and labeling your product, so you don’t have to.


Brand Design

Aesthetically pleasing logo, website design, and content development services designed to get your product in front of eager buyers. Plus, access to our trusted marketing and website management vendors.



Focus on what matters most for your business while we take care of storing your products for you (saving you from warehouse storage fees) and shipping your packages to your customers within a 3-5 day timeframe of their purchase (saving you time, energy, and unneeded stress).

Streamline Your Launch Today!

Get training on how to sell your products online, including proven eCommerce tricks that get your brand and products noticed fast.

Don’t know what to expect?

Take a look at our process:

Step 1. Exploration Meeting

During this consultation, we determine where you’re at as a business, so we can customize our services to fit your unique needs. We discuss your brand’s goals and vision, as well as your product ideas, budget, and desired timeline. This way we can help you get the result you want.

If you have a specific product you love and want to have reverse-engineered for its formula, we ask that you bring that item with you.

This consultation is completely free with no strings attached.

Step 2. Go White-Label or Private-Label


With formulation fees as low as $1,200, our leading scientists will get to creating or reverse engineering a formula you and your customers will love.

After your formula is finalized, you will be invoiced for 50% of the cost for the number of units you order. Please note a minimum order of 100 units is required to get started and the remaining 50% is due upon completion.

Once payment is received, we get straight to handcrafting your product. This process can take as little as 1 to 2 weeks.

The total cost of formulation is $1,200 to $3,500+. Pricing depends on the complexity of the formula, the amount of formula revisions and the number of units ordered.


Simply choose from our list of products to rebrand and sell as your own and pay 50% down to start the manufacturing process. The minimum order quantity is as low as 500 units.

If you know what product you’re interested in, samples will be provided upon request for you to try.

Step 3. Consult on Branding & Logo Design

Bring your vision for your brand to life with graphic design. We’ll help you (or your designer) create attractive labels and brand concepts.

Step 4. Consult on Your Packaging & Label

K&B Labs offers pre-made containers and custom labels you can use if you do not have containers or labels already.

Once your branding and design are finalized, the design will be sent to K&B Labs’ professional printer, which can take up to two weeks. This includes approving the proofs, printing, and shipping.

Want to Sample Our Products?

Select from our extensive line of finished products to find something that fits your brand.

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