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Ida Franiak-Pietryga

Ida Franiak-Pietryga received her PhD in Biophysics in 2003 and Medical Genetics in 2017 from the Medical University in Lodz, where she is a Professor of Clinical Genetics. Ida’s career focus is translational research and she authored numerous publications in her areas of expertise. She is a specialist for molecular cancer diagnostics (leukemia, lymphoma, and solid tumors) and for blood related research (hematology, blood rheology, and lipidology). In addition, Ida has over 10 years of research experience on nanoparticles for drug design.

Ida was the initiator and leader of the research project „Dendrimers – novel drugs for chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)”, financed through the Polish National Institute of Science. In 2013, the resulting invention was awarded a gold medal at the “Concours Lepine”, an international invention fair in Paris.
To date, she holds two US patents and two PL patens for dendrimer based CLL therapy and has three pending PCT patent applications on the use of glycodendrimers for CLL therapy.
In 2016-17 she was a Fulbright Scholar at Moores Cancer Center in San Diego, where she worked on nanoparticle-based therapies for breast cancer. In 2017-18 she worked at the University of California, San Diego to develop drug delivery methods for the eye and more recently, on nanoparticle-based gene therapies for glaucoma.

Strong academic background from leading institutions in Europe. Over fifteen years of hands-on laboratory experience in biology and biophysics, trained in hematology and genetics, member of editorial boards in several journals, reviewer of numerous papers. Coordinated complex interdisciplinary studies carried out in various institutions and countries. Creative, hardworking and focused on translational research. Highly organized with well-developed communication and a strong team spirit.

Katie & Brooke

Katie and Brooke bring their passion for assembling the most knowledgeable and experienced people together to help achieve their collective goals of formulating the highest quality and most effective cosmetic and medicinal products available today. With 14 years of combined experience leading several well known brands to a successful level amidst some of the most competitive markets, Katie and Brooke thrive on seeing an idea come to full fruition. By utilizing their communication and leadership skills, combined with marketing and sales strategies, they have proven to be a most balanced and efficient team. They pride themselves on 100% customer satisfaction in both B2B and B2C transactions. Follow through and results are what make Katie and Brooke invaluable to the K&B Labs Team.

K&B Labs is a woman owned and operated company that specializes in helping entrepreneurs start their own cosmetic, skin care or wellness brand. With 10+ years experience in this industry, owners Katie and Brooke believe anyone can start their business and break away from the belief that running a company is only for a select type of personality or class.

Once you have identified your business strategy and plan, K&B Labs can help bring your dream to reality. We offer services that will transform your idea into an actual product you can sell. Whether it’s an E-Commerce shop you can run from home or a physical location, we can help set you up with all necessary aspects of your business including connecting you with trusted partners and personal guidance you may need to manage your business.