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Women Owned,
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With an educated medical geneticist and two strong and experienced leaders, our small team can personally provide qualified knowledge and vetted products for you and your customers.

Strong academic background from leading institutions in Europe.

Over fifteen years of hands-on laboratory experience in biology and biophysics, trained in hematology and genetics, member of editorial boards in several journals, reviewer of numerous papers.

Coordinated complex interdisciplinary studies carried out in various institutions and countries.

Creative, hardworking and focused on translational research.

Highly organized with well-developed communication and a strong team spirit.

Ida Franiak-Pietryga

Ida Franiak-Pietryga received her PhD in Biophysics in 2003 and Medical Genetics in 2017 from the Medical University in Lodz, where she is a Professor of Clinical Genetics. Ida’s career focus is translational research and she authored numerous publications in her areas of expertise. She is a specialist for molecular cancer diagnostics (leukemia, lymphoma, and solid tumors) and for blood related research (hematology, blood rheology, and lipidology). In addition, Ida has over 10 years of research experience on nanoparticles for drug design.

Ida was the initiator and leader of the research project „Dendrimers – novel drugs for chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)”, financed through the Polish National Institute of Science. In 2013, the resulting invention was awarded a gold medal at the “Concours Lepine”, an international invention fair in Paris.

To date, she holds two US patents and two PL patens for dendrimer based CLL therapy and has three pending PCT patent applications on the use of glycodendrimers for CLL therapy.

In 2016-17 she was a Fulbright Scholar at Moores Cancer Center in San Diego, where she worked on nanoparticle-based therapies for breast cancer. In 2017-18 she worked at the University of California, San Diego to develop drug delivery methods for the eye and more recently, on nanoparticle-based gene therapies for glaucoma.

Katie & Brooke

Katie and Brooke bring their passion for assembling the most knowledgeable and experienced people together to help achieve their collective goals of formulating the highest quality and most effective cosmetic and medicinal products available today.

With 14 years of combined experience leading several well known brands to a successful level amidst some of the most competitive markets, Katie and Brooke thrive on seeing an idea come to full fruition. By utilizing their communication and leadership skills, combined with marketing and sales strategies, they have proven to be a most balanced and efficient team.

They pride themselves on 100% customer satisfaction in both B2B and B2C transactions. Follow through and results are what make Katie and Brooke invaluable to the K&B Labs Team.

14 years combined experience.

100% customer satisfaction in both B2B and B2C transactions.

Invaluable to the K&B Labs Team.

Meet Our Advisory Board

Science & Medicine

 Terri Stoner, Ph.D

Terri Stoner, Ph.D. has been focused for more than a decade on understanding the importance of various significant human pathogens whether bacterial or viruses, understanding their microbial replication and host cellular factors that they use in order to replicate, novel drug development, pharmacokinetics, efficacy, toxicity studies of current and experimental antimicrobial drugs and/or investigating cell signaling pathways of drugs being investigated. Since 1993, she has been involved in microbiology, immunology, chemistry, neuropharmacology and pharmacology programs.  This includes working in a research teaching hospital, molecular and biological research center, testing of novel and current antivirals and having a working relationship with Royalmount pharmaceutical company to further develop promising new antimicrobials.  She worked in these laboratories either as a research associate, co-investigator or principal investigator/author.  This work led to clinical trials of a novel anti-herpetic compound and development of another promising novel compound against herpes viruses that do not target the virus’s genetic material, but targets specific host cell cycle factors, inhibits viral replication and does not cause microbial drug resistance.  These two novel compounds have been patented one of which she received national and international Press Releases of her research. For example, Webmd, Akron Beacon Journal, Houston Chronicle, Shape magazine to name a few.

Dr. Jeanette Jacknin, M.D.

Dr. Jacknin is a board certified dermatologist, author, national speaker, and consultant, with expertise in holistic dermatology and natural cosmeceuticals.
She is the author of the 400 pg. classic book Smart Medicine for Your Skin, published by Penguin Putnam in 2001. It was the first book to detail what integrative dermatology is, and to discuss in depth the conventional and holistic treatments for 33 different skin disorders and healthy states. In addition, she has contributed to an abundance of articles published in the lay and professional press, the latest contribution being an article for “Eurocosmetics Magazine” on stem cells in skin care published in May of 2015 and an article in the INSIDER in July of 2015 on probiotics and prebiotics. She also authored the first three chapters in Dr. Andy Weil’s textbook of “Integrative Dermatology” which was published in March 2014 and was the cumulative work of many dermatologists.
Dr. Jacknin has given numerous national presentations at natural trade shows… Supply Side West, Supply Side East, EXPO West, EXPO East, the Anti-Aging Medicine Conference and the HBA over the past 7 years. She most recently spoke at EXPO West 2014 in LA, the 2014 Anti-Aging Medicine Conference in Orlando, and the Happi conference on skin care in Sept of 2014 in NJ.
Having launched her own skin care line, JJMD, in 2009, she is familiar with the business side of the cosmeceutical industry. 2011-2104 Dr. Jacknin was the beauty advisor to Neutragena Naturals and contributed to the Neutrogena Naturals Facebook posts. In 2013, she was asked to join the Complementary and Alternative Medicine task force for the American Academy of Dermatology and in 2014 had the honor of contributing to the AAD website on the subject of diet and supplements for healthy and challenged skin.

Lindsey Camps

Lindsey Camps is a graduate of Bellus Academy in San Diego, California.  While becoming a Master Esthetician in 2011 (license # 104083), she specialized in ingredient and product knowledge.  She has such a strong baseline knowledge that she developed a game for the school to teach other students how to create a product.  As an esthetician, Lindsey has worked with over 15 skincare brands.  She went on to cultivate her own skincare line that utilized the efficacy of botanicals.  She is an avid developer and has put together skincare lines, apparel lines, and spas targeting various demographics of customers. 

She says “developing the right product for your clientele is a fine balance between what they will actually do and what you want them to do”.  Her expertise will guide the development of skincare products that can be sold as retail, to estheticians, and medical spas with reputable lines and products that people will desire.  Lindsey offers counseling on ingredient selection, branding and retail advise to you based on the your target demographic and desired consumer buying habits.

Dr. Jamie Corroon, ND, MPH

Dr. Corroon earned a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington, a leader in naturopathic education and integrative medicine research. He subsequently completed two years of residency at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health, and is a former adjunct professor at Bastyr University California. Dr. Corroon earned a Masters in Public Health in Epidemiology from San Diego State University and a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Business Administration from the University of Southern California.
Dr. Jamie Corroon, ND, MPH is the founder and Medical Director of the Center. Dr. Corroon is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, peer-reviewed clinical researcher and industry consultant with a focus on the natural medicine. 
​Dr. Corroon is committed to investigating the important clinical and public health questions resulting from the broadening acceptance of herbs and natural medicines in society. He lives in San Diego, California.

Business & Strategic Development

Curt Becker

As a co-founder of Applied Biosystems, the original genomics tools company, Curt Becker had the amazing opportunity to be at the forefront of establishing the genomics tools business and the industrialization of genomics sciences.  He played a leading role in the development, automation and commercialization of the first DNA synthesizer and was product manager of the DNA sequencer which launched the human genome project, and played a major role in commercialization of the first commercial RtPCR technology.   

Curt is a seasoned technical, sales, marketing and organizational development professional.  In 2013 he co-founded Molecular Assemblies to develop a new technology for printing genes reliably, affordably and sustainably.  After being cured from cancer in 2017, Curt joined The Brink Team at the University of San Diego as a Life Science consultant with the goal of supporting startups, creating jobs and driving economic activity across San Diego County.  He is still envisioning the tools today that will launch new frontiers for the life sciences industries of tomorrow. 

Christopher Schweitzer

Chris Schweitzer is a global Supply Chain professional with over 15 years’ experience driving Supply Chain and Operational teams. He has diverse experience in regional, local and global markets supporting Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products across multiple equities, all in highly regulated consumer and medical device fields. 

Chris has led geographically separated teams across local and global markets, shaping the go-to-market approach to achieve strategic alignment with the consumer segment while delivering excellence in execution for well known brands like Neutrogena, Aveeno, Le Petit Marseilles, bebe and more. He currently leads the Project Management team for Neutrogena FMT and Cleansing products with an overall value of greater than $1.5B. Chris has his undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland, an MBA specializing in Healthcare from Towson University and received his certification in Advanced Project Management from Stanford University. 

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