Kb Pure Essentials

Kb Pure Essentials was born from a passion for all things natural and organic – and helping real people with real life struggles. The top priority is making sure every product is made with care, lab tested to verify label accuracy, and used by the owners and staff first to test efficacy, scent, texture, and taste. If we don’t love it, then we don’t sell it!


NanoDen is a revolutionary nanoparticle being incorporated and further researched in topical and cosmetic products with proven efficacy. NanoDen has unique formulations, creating high-quality, one of a kind products for Private Label Distribution.


ProXkin is a men’s focused skin care line that includes an easy 3 step process to add to your daily routine. ProXkin products are specifically formulated to help with razor burn, ingrown hairs, acne and frequent breakouts.


KindBeauty is a high-end all-natural skincare line, focused on improving the overall health of your skin and repairing skin with signs of aging or sun damage. KindBeauty products include face washes, anti-aging creams and serums, lotions, deodorants, and more!
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