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Our 10% Docosonol topical over-the-counter cream works quickly to ease the symptoms of HSV type 1 cold sores. This FDA approved ingredient is scientifically proven to treat cold sores/fever blisters on the face or lips and speed healing time up to 60%. Aloe Vera, Lysine, Allantoin, Calendula and Centella are also included to naturally reduce inflammation and add needed moisturization to promote the healing process. Additionally, VRx is formulated with raspberry seed oil to help protect the affected area from further sun damage and irritation which can often lead to scarring.


Active: Docosonol 10%   

Inactive: Montanov 68, cetyl alcohol, raspberry seed extract, aloe vera, lysine, centella extract, glycerine, aspen, propylene glycol, phenoxyethanol